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Have you heard about Bioactive environmentally friendly toilet paper? Designed to prevent unpleasant odours, clean pipes and drains to reduce purging operations. Designed with unprecedented innovation, through the incorporation of internationally patented technology. This amazing product is just one of our many environmentally friendly options. Learn all about our Virtue Green range today!



Virtue Plus is the proud supplier of Zando Coffee

Recently we had the Integral 4 PLUS dishwasher dispenser installed in our main kitchen. Installation was quick and clean, the machine is very effective in reducing our chemical usage, as well as being safe and tidy for our staff with chemical handling. We have noticed a decrease in chemical usage as well as an improvement to the clarity of washed tableware. It is also interesting in mapping usage through the app which connects via Bluetooth to the machine and dispenser.
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At Virtue Plus, we aim to supply businesses with quality products and a high level of personal service like no other.
(Formerly All-Line Distributors)

We specialise in products for safety, industrial, hospitality and packaging for business operations. Along with outstanding product knowledge, and a huge range of quality products, we aim to supply A plus service like no other business supplier!

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