Takeaway all of your food packaging supplies from the one place in Tasmania!

Our huge range includes takeaway cups, straws, cutlery, bowls, plates, food labels, wraps, napkins, bags, containers and much more!

At Virtue Plus, we understand that the style of food service varies from business to business and so do the food packaging supplies needed! So to cater to your business needs, we make it our business to stock a wide variety of choices.

Would a white foam container match your brand, or would you rather an eco-friendly option? What colour napkins would complement your brand? Blue, green, white, yellow or black. And don’t forget about portion choices! Are you customers after 8oz cups or 16oz cups?

Gloves are a must in any kitchen! Quick service gloves are ambidextrous, light weight and latex free. Made with an embossed service for better grip and HACP certified. There are also vinyl blue lightly powdered gloves that are TGA approved! These gloves are just some of the many options available.

Clingwrap is available in different sizes! Try the environmentally friendly biocling! It’s made to be biodegradable in landfills!

Select from a range of packaging to suit your brand! Like Future Friendly coffee cups, made from bamboo! One of the planets most sustainable resources. These cups are lined with corn-starch, PLA. View more food packaging options in the catalogue below or visit our online shop!