Do you know about skin care and hand hygiene?

It only takes one touch for germs to spread among employees and surfaces. Luckily, we have some skin care solutions for you!

Purell hand sanitiser is a must for any business environment. Killing 99.99% of most common germs! And foam hand soap, which reduce the spread of germs and allow your employees and customers to stay in control of their hand hygiene.

At Virtue Plus we have a wide range of skin care solutions to ensure you can reduce the risk of infection in your business environment, while maintain natural moisture levels in your skin.

skin care hand sanitiserPurell Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser makes disinfecting and sanitation easier than ever before.

Killing up to 99.99% of common germs, it helps prevent illness and cross-contamination. Plus it’s mild on hands!

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skin care foam soap dispenserFoam Soap and Dispenser

This foam soap is velvety smooth and suitable for sensitive and dry skin. It’s an ideal solution for washrooms with heavy traffic. One bag of foam soap can last between 666 and 2000 portions, depending on the dispensed amount allocated.

The dispenser is designed with a display level to show when the soap is running out. And a reserve capacity system that keeps the dispenser going between refills for up to 100 portions.

Together the pump mechanism, vacuum bag and foam generator form an airtight unit. This helps to maintain the highest hygienic standards.

skin care dispenserHand Creams and Dispensers

This hand cream absorbs quickly, leaving your hands residue free. Able to moisturise and protect the natural balance of the skin. Plus it’s been dermatologically tested and leaves a discreet scent on your hands.

Simply rub the hand cream in with both hands after washing and drying them.

The Sense Fluid Dispenser comes with labels for hand cream, hand protect and much more, making it easy to customise for your needs.

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