Your one stop shop for janitorial supplies and cleaning products!

Virtue Plus have cleaning chemicals and solutions for your business needs!

Virtue Plus is your one stop shop for janitorial supplies! Starting with cleaning chemicals for general, kitchen, laundry and much more! Plus the supplies needed to use them, from bottles and brushes, to mops and buckets!

We also have gloves, sponges, scourers, wipes, bin liners and vacuum cleaners! Our range also includes options for Eco-conscious businesses!

Did you know that our manufacturing partners in Austria have pursued a philosophy for 15 years; producing concentrated detergents to the highest quality standards, minimising the costly water transport and therefore preserving the environment.

Or that you can get dispensers for free? Give us a call on 1300 255 546 to learn more about our janitorial supplies and let us help you find the perfect solutions for your business.

The Integral 2 GO has been designed for professional housekeeping. The expertise and the continuous development of groundbreaking formulas together with the dosing technology creates the intelligent cleaning system integral 2GO. Exact dosing of detergent, simply mixed with the necessary amount of water. Ready 2GO!

Have you ever heard of 4-D cleaning? The i-fibre range includes a wall cleaning tool that bends 360°, allowing it to clean around curves. Try the i-scrub hand held i-fibre cleaner, with integrated LED light and patented soft edge technology.

Keep your customers and guests safe with safety signs. Like the robust yellow A frame signs that alert caution when floors are wet.

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Virtue Plus are the i-team distributors for Tasmania, stocking a range of janitorial supplies to make jobs easier and quicker!

Such as the i-land, an all-in-one solution, which makes sure you have everything you need in one accessible and convenient supporter. No more unproductive traveling time! And the i-vac 6, which has a wide range of vacuum attachments, for different floor types, the hard to reach nooks and upholstery cleaning.

Or the i-scrub 21, with a powerful engine that achieves 400 RPM using two discs action!

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