How much do you know about skin care products and soap dispensers?

It only takes one touch for germs to spread among employees and surfaces. Luckily, we have some skin care solutions for you! From skin care products to soap dispensers, we have your hands covered!

Purell hand sanitiser is a must for any business environment. Killing 99.99% of most common germs! And foam hand soap, which reduce the spread of germs and allow your employees and customers to stay in control of their hand hygiene.

At Virtue Plus we have a wide range of skin care solutions to ensure you can reduce the risk of infection in your business environment, while maintaining natural moisture levels in your skin.

A Showermaid Dispenser integrates pleasantly into the bathroom environment with refined surfaces and sophisticated functionality. It is particularly hygienic because it is 100% drip-free. Plus, average Consumption is 2.8ml per guest night, this means that a Showermaid refill is equivalent to 75 x 30 Guest Amenities.

Skincare products are more important than ever before, and anti-bacterial foam soaps are a popular choice for maintaining hand hygiene. We offer a high quality foam soap with a pleasant scent to clean your hands hygienically. It’s ideal for hygiene related areas where danger of contamination through transmission of germs exist. Tested according to EN1499 listed according to DGHM and OGHMP. Plus, its dermatologically tested and compatible with the Virtue Foam Dispensers.

Sanitisers play a daily role in the new normal. Purell TGA hand sanitiser is a refreshing gel made with naturally-renewable ethanol. Made to kill more than 99.99% of most common germs that may cause illness.

Maintaining high standards of hand hygiene requires more than using skincare products and soap dispensers. It also requires an understanding of hand washing methods and the correct washroom supplies to use! Luckily, we have a blog all about it!