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Imagine the delightful experience your customers will have as they enter a bathroom smelling of lavender or roses! And then as they leave, they dry their hands with a high quality hand towel. Automatic dispenser systems for fragrances and hand towels make life easier for you and your customers. Plus there is the extra bonus of everything matching your business image! And don’t forget about the cleaning chemicals that help everything stay sparkling like new!

Virtue Plus supply the Xceed Systems range. If you are currently using an Xceed System and require assistance, please call Virtue Plus on 1300 255 546.

cleaning chemicals showermaid Showermaid

An elegant combination of minimalism and emotion come together to create the Showermaid. A particularly hygienic dispenser that is 100% drip free! With the average consumption being 2.8ml per guest, per night, the Showermaid refills are equivalent to 75 x 30 guest amenities! Offering economical dosage and the option for strong hotel branding, it’s no wonder that this dispenser is a first choice for many.

With four refills to choose from, the Showermaid makes it easy to find something to suit your guests. Such as the Asia shower gel for hair and body. With selected ingredients that moisturise the skin and leave a smooth and pleasant feeling.

cleaning chemicals paper towelHand Towel

Livi interfold hand towel are ideal for hand drying and for cleaning up small messes. Each towel is 1ply in thickness and interfolds into the next towel for easy dispensing from the pack.

A hand towel to keep round the office, bathroom or kitchen areas.

cleaning chemicals air wellness refillsSense Fresh Air Dispenser

These dispensers are individually programmable with a motion sensor, time delay, and light for brightness recognition. When the lights are turned out, the dispenser falls asleep to save the battery life.

The Sense Fresh Air Dispenser takes refills, such as the Wellness range that includes four fragrances in one box! Fireside, Flower, Leaves and Spice!

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