Introducing the
Virtue Green range…

Eco-friendly cleaning solutions!

The Virtue Green range has been designed for the Eco-conscious business.  Including toilet paper, floor cleaner and toilet cleaners; the Virtue Green range offers Eco-friendly solutions to suit a range of business needs. You can find the Virtue Green range on our blog!

virtue green bio active toilet paper

Bioactive Toilet Paper

(Jumbo Code: 100245, 400 Sheet Code: 100244) This toilet paper delivers unprecedented innovation through the incorporation of internationally patented BATP® technology. BATP® consists of five natural micro-organisms and is safe for personal use and the environment! The micro-organisms only activate when in contact with water. Then enzymes are produced, that biodegrade the organic substances present in pipes and sewage systems.

By enabling constant waste water it reduces the risk of sewage systems clogging. With regular use, you will start to see significant results in just four weeks, such as reducing sewage and septic cleaning and cutting down maintenance costs. No wonder this is apart of the Virtue Green range!

virtue green ezkleen floor cleaner

E-Z-Kleen HD Degreaser Floor Cleaner

(Code: 121055) A natural hard surface and floor cleaner that contains eco-friendly surfactants. Providing industrial strength, this concentrated cleaner is totally eco-safe and biodegradable.

E-Z-Kleen has powerful enzymes for removing grease. Simply dilute at a rate of 1:20, for example 500ml in 10 litres of hot water. Then mop and leave.

A floor cleaner that is eco-safe and biodegradable! That’s amazing!

virtue green eco friendly toilet cleaner

E-Flush Toilet & Urinal Cleaner

(1 Litre Code: 121045, 5 Litre Code: 121046) E-Flush is a biological product designed to digest organic waste at the source of odour. Significantly reducing the build-up of uric acid scale. The microbes work to clean, refresh, eliminate organic waste build-up. Plus deodorize, by successfully destroying the source of the unpleasant odours. Ideal for ablution blocks, toilets, urinals, stainless steel troughs, commercial and domestic sectors.

Biosystem and septic safe cleaner, E-flush is totally eco-safe & biodegradable. Plus it reduces build up of uric acid. A natural cleaning power that eliminates odours. Naturally formulated and non-toxic! To learn more about the Virtue Green range, give us a call on 1300 255 546.