Introducing the Hagleitner Integral 4PLUS for the professional kitchen. Available from Virtue Plus.

Stress-free cleaning is made easy with the app that acts before something happens, while giving you a complete overview of conditions.

You will get instant reports about the Hagleitner Integral 4 PLUS via the app. Crystal clean facts. How many dishes are washed? How much chemical does it consume? How much water and energy are used? Plus technician reports sent to your inbox.

It’s so easy with only one cleaner for dishes and glasses! Plus efficient with 4kg of detergent, it’s able to clean up to 1,500 baskets – thanks to a patented formula!

Plus it’s never empty with a reserve tank that gives autonomy. You are notified when the cartridge needs replacing and allows you one hour of additional washing time before changing the refill. Available from Virtue Plus, the Integral 4 PLUS is designed for the professional kitchen.

Recently we had the Integral 4PLUS dishwasher dispenser installed in our main kitchen. Installation was quick and clean, the machine is very effective in reducing our chemical usage, as well as being safe and tidy for our staff with chemical handling. We have noticed a decrease in chemical usage as well as an improvement to the clarity of washed tableware. It is also interesting in mapping usage through the app which connects via Bluetooth to the machine and

Chris, Head Chef (Tasmania)
hagleitner integral 4 plus cartridges

Cartridges for the Integral 4 PLUS

You can use the ecosol POWER, a liquid, highly concentrated, detergent for dishes and glasses. Extremely economical, for water from 0 to 20 °dH. Powerful and intense against dirt. It gives shining results.

And the ecosol BRITE N, a neutral, concentrated rinse aid for glasses and dishes for water hardness up to 15 °dH.

Order a Hagleitner Integral 4PLUS, from Virtue Plus online or give us a call on 1300 255 546.